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13th June 2008

8:23pm: seriously this time =)
I'm going to start updating this now

I went to the wave pool today with my cousins: michelle &dara and some of their friends. Then it rained. So we went tanning. Now I'm typing on the sk3, writing this entry.
My first day of summer was yesterday, finally out of school...I'm so happy. I hate being with the same people all day, its so boring. And they're all about drama and shit....anyways. I went to tumbling yesterday, that was good. I just really want my backhandspring. I feel like I do nothing on my team because I'm not a tumbler.
Anyways, to the material things!!! I want to atleast spend a good $100 at Hollister and $100 at abercrombie&fitch. I need some new clothes. I also want this Coach wristlet from Macys but I can get that with my mom's Macys card...I don't have a job and I feel bad asking for money all the time but its hard to juggle Legacy (cheer) and a job because of how much fundraising we have to do. Ughhh.....haahah. Oh man. I'll get it straightened out though.

Boys, boys, boys....there were so many cute boys at the wavepool today. I saw all the girls they were with, cute little Hollister girls with the skinny bodies, tan, straight hair......all the things I'm not. I can't attract the boys I want and its killing me...all my friends have boyfriends and I don't...it sucks. Whatever. My time will come.

22nd May 2007

8:34pm: i`m looking for REALLY REALLY destroyed hollister or abercrombie jean shorts,
reasonable prices.

and the AE madras bathing suit from this year.
i know its on clearance for 9.95 a piece, but my store didnt have it in the right sizes.
if anyone sees it, i need an L/XL in the top and a medium in the bottoms. pick it up for me, i`ll send you cash.

14th March 2006

4:35pm: I think i'll start using this more.
Life is so boring now, there's nothing to do anymore.
School is BORING! My old communications teacher left,
and we got this new one and she's so boring, I want to
fall asleep in her classes, I hate her. UGH! and my math
teacher is going over everything we covered since the beginning
of the year because we have these HUGE tests going on next week.
My one friend Amy is getting on my nerves, she's just ugh, I changed lunch tables today and she thought I was mad at her, I'm still sitting at the other lunch table because I don't want to sit with her. being in the same school as her is even annoying. I don't know. whatever. I just hate her.
OH yah and to put on top of everything. MY WARBRODE NEEDS MAJOR UPDATING!
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17th January 2006

11:06pm: FRiENDS ONLY!
picture/comment 2 b added.
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